Zachary Bacon

UX / UI Design


To me, Design Computing is the combination of creativity and technology. This was appealing to me as I had always wanted a career that would allow me to express my creative side. Throughout the course I have learnt how to critically analyse information and form ideas. The skills that I have developed along the way include HTML/CSS, Javascript/Jquery, Processing and Sketch. Using these I have been able to bring my ideas to life, and share them with the world. The most important thing that I will takeaway from this degree is to not underestimate my abilities. There were many times when I thought that a project was too big, or I didn’t have the skills to achieve what I wanted, but every time I managed to find a way to get there. My preferred area of design is ideation, user experience and interaction design.


Interaction Design, Processing, User Experience, Wearable Technologies

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Interaction Design, User Experience, Visual Design

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