Mathew Ryder

Research & Development, Film, Media, UX, Photography

Hi, Coming from Lake Macquarie NSW, I chose the Bachelor of Design Computing degree as a challenge to myself and to grow my craft. I am passionate about media, design and the world around us. I've studied design computing to grow a platform and to show people what i'm capable of creating. I've learnt how to grow as a content creator, designer and team player. Volunteering for various events such as the vivid festival has allowed my eyes and mind to open and take in various design perspectives and crafts from around the world. In future years after graduation, I hope to be able to create technologies and products which will benefit people who need it most, make a change in the world, and help regional Australia gain a voice in technology.

Life is in your hands

Video & Photography, Visual Design

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Robotics, Visual Design, 3D Modelling

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