Louis Chew

UX / UI Design


Hailing from Singapore, I chose to pursue a postgraduate master’s degree in interaction design and electronic arts because I wanted to improve my overall skills and gain new insights on the relationship between design and technology. By understanding the potential of interaction design and its application in the creative industry, I intend to research and compare the different methodologies that affect the current processes and perhaps unearth new techniques that further endorse the irreplaceable value of designers in the near future.

On my best days, I mostly pride myself as a person who loves a dose of creative risk, an infusion of unorthodox designs, and sometimes, even several hints of insanity. When not scheming to take over the world, I will be found either lifting weights at the gym or rowing my heart out in the waters. My greatest inspirations come from online games like World of Warcraft and artworks like L.H.O.O.Q by Marcel Duchamp.

FIN (The Final Countdown)

Interaction Design, User Experience, Wearable Technologies

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Interaction Design, Processing, User Experience, Gamification

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