Kate Archbold

UX / UI Design


I was drawn to Design Computing for two major reasons: I wanted to contribute to the future of creative technology, and I didn’t want to lose my job to a robot. While the latter remains to be seen, Design Computing fulfilled my dream by introducing me to the world of design in a way that I’d never known about.

Although I came into the degree with a high interest in fields such as 3D modelling and creative coding, I have left the degree with a great love of UX and UI design, something which I never expected. Working under amazing tutors in classes such as Interaction Design, Data Visualisation, and Web Design has taught me that I feel no greater passion than when I’m working through wireframes on Sketch, or tearing into the various prototyping tools out there for designers.

I feel I’m extremely lucky to have found this degree and to have had the opportunity to work with my amazingly talented classmates. I’m excited to see what I can achieve in the world of design, and to be there to watch it evolve into whatever the future makes it.


Interaction Design, Processing, Data Visualisation

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Buufin the Bear

Interaction Design, User Experience, Wearable Technologies

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