Jasmine Nguyen

UI / UX Design


By complete chance did I stumble upon Design Computing. Three years ago if you asked me what UX/ UI was, I wouldn’t have had an answer for you . But now I can comfortably say it is my passion. I came into this course completely blind, and have fallen in love. University has been challenging, but it has also been exciting. The opportunities presented by the skills taught during this course are overwhelming. Knowing how much we as designers are able to a ect the experience of so many, on a complex or simple basis humbles me to know that I can be a part of this journey. Whilst here I have been so privileged to meet so many inspiring and buzzing minds. I am grateful for the experiences I have had here at the University of Sydney, and am excited to venture into new projects, always continually striving to learn and improve. Being a very passionate gamer, I am surrounded by a variety of di erent interfaces. I hope to one day combine my love for gaming and UI design , and delve into the potentials of futuristic gaming.

AR + Aerial Drone Photography

Video & Photography, Visual Design

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Interaction Design, Processing, Robotics, User Experience

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Interface Design, Interaction Design, Web Development

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