Janet Lee

UX / UI Design


Completing Diploma of Interactive Digital Media brought me to study Bachelor of Design Computing at USYD continuously because I wanted to expand my skills to explore my career covering a bigger project. The past 12 years of my life as a Graphic Designer was absolutely pleasure because I could support people from small to big enterprises using my design skills. During the time, I experienced variety industries and Brands as I worked closed with clients. It gained me how to use my personal resources appropriately and effectively. With my passion for design and this broad and intensive unit of studies I have been learned from this course, I am expecting to be a qualified UX designer in a few years. Additionally, I learned Spanish 3 terms to have one more language to communicate and Publication course to not also learn graphic design jargons but also to advance in InDesign.

FLYTOU (Pizza Delivery Drone)

Interaction Design, User Experience, Video & Photography, Future Design

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GO JOE (Peer Car System)

Interaction Design, User Experience, Visual Design, Web Design, Database system design

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