Isabella Bain

UX / UI Design and Service Design


As we are learning to design experiences, one of my fundamentals while completing the degree was to not forget to have some new experiences of my own and to take every opportunity as it comes. This mentality Allowed me to interview highly regarded professionals for user research during studio projects, Participate in the Enabled By Design-athon, Organise the interfaculty sport for the Architecture, Compete the world championship in Canada for Dragon Boating during the end of my second year, submit a group project to an AIMIA award which then took home the win for the Student category and finally realise my true love for coffee. All of these experiences have opened me up to a world new opportunities and allowed me to push my skills and networks in many different directions while giving me the support I needed to succeed. I am excited to see where the road takes me and what experiences I will encounter next, knowing now wherever I go I have earnt a unique education experience unlike any other in the world.

Flying Farm

Interaction Design, Robotics, User Experience, Service Design, Agriculture

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Interaction Design, Programming, Aduino, User Experience, Wearable Technologies, Electronics

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Interaction Design, Processing, User Experience, Video & Photography, Kinect

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