Heidi Laidler

Service Design


My passion for design started during year 8. I was studying via correspondence and spent my free time at home learning how to make websites. After studying digital design during years 11 and 12, Design Computing seemed like the perfect next step for me to enhance my knowledge, and learn more technical skills.

Funnily, after starting the degree quite apprehensive about programming, it has become one of the things I have enjoyed learning most. It’s exciting to have the ability to create something entirely new from only your own ideas.

During the past year, I have started working with a non-for-profit organisation as a UX designer, specialising in inclusive design. For me, inclusive design is about much more than accessibility. It’s about designing for users with the most extreme needs, and therefore creating better experiences for all users, regardless of ability.

After completing my studies, I intend to continue working within this space and hope to promote the implementation of inclusive design principals more broadly throughout the design industry.


Interaction Design, Processing, Product Design

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