Gardenia Gonzalez

UX / UI Design


Before studying Masters in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts, Gardenia did a bachelor in visual information design where she got her first glance of interaction design and became passionate about user experience. She continued a self-taught path that took her to her first job in the United Nations in Italy where she began designing interfaces. Back home in Mexico, Gardenia was the first employee in a startup digital marketing agency where she had to spearhead her own job scope out of arising opportunities. This is because the company had to go through constant change and growth in a short period of time. Being sure of her life path, she came to Australia and was driven by her interest in the combination of the interaction design and electronic arts, which the University of Sydney offered. In the near future, Gardenia would like to keep designing interfaces and immerse in the artistic exploration of light and sound installations.


Interaction Design, User Experience, Electronic Arts

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