Dylan Marshall

Graphic Design


I’ve always known that I wanted to do something creative with my life, but it took some time for me to determine exactly what that would be. I would get my hands dirty with any medium I could find during art class then go home and spend hours designing and building my own websites.

In many ways, the projects I have completed over the past three years don’t differ much from my childhood. I’m still designing, except now that means creating functional prototypes of my designs using emerging technologies and testing for usability and accessibility. As for getting my hands dirty, there has been plenty of food dye, play dough and the destruction of various food items to keep me satisfied.

I plan on using the knowledge and hands on experience I have gained from this degree to pursue my interests through a combination of UI/UX design and front end engineering.


Interaction Design, User Experience, Visual Design

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Buufin the Bear

Interaction Design, User Experience, Wearable Technologies

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