Christina Chin

UX / UI Design


My passion for design extends beyond just pretty colours and shapes. It consists of turning these elements into something that anyone and everyone can use for a purpose - to accomplish a task in a manner that suits them as unique individuals. Upon finishing my degree of Design Computing, I have learnt that the best kind of product is a great experience. From the physical world of product design and 3D printing to the digital world of programming, UI design and animation; a person’s experience with any product or service changes their perception of it and these feelings stay with them forever. Design Computing has taught me to 'think and do' for others, especially in the area of inclusive design. This passion was sparked in participation of the Enabled By Design-athon where my team and I won People's Choice Award. I wish to further my services of design for those who are less able so they can have an equal and greater experience of life.


Interaction Design, Processing, User Experience

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