Brenda Flores

UX / UI Design


I decided to enrol in the design computing program because I have always been interested in digital design, also, I was very keen to learn how to program websites and mobile applications. After three years the course has helped me to improve my skills as a designer, especially for user interfaces, for mobile devices and other innovative technologies such as drones and robots. I have built a strong understanding of programming concepts and gained basic skills in web design. I am passionate about user experience and interaction design. In my projects, I always strive to understand users and their needs in order to create ideal experiences and solutions that are intuitive and innovative. My short-term goal is to become a proficient UX designer and keep improving my UI design skills.


Interaction Design, Processing, Robotics, User Experience

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Interaction Design, User Experience, VIsual Design, Web Design

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Interaction Design, User Experience, Visual Design

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