Alexander Cheng



Since commencing study at Sydney University, I have learnt and developed a broad range of proficiencies. Some of these are skill or tool related proficiencies (e.g. developing in Java and other Java related languages, HTML/CSS, drawing wireframes, designing interfaces in Sketch, etc.) while others involve the knowledge of and immersion in frameworks, which shape the way a certain brief or problem should be approached (different frameworks include user centred design, market segmentation strategies, branding strategies, etc.). If I were to summarise all that I have learnt into a single theme, it would be the importance of empathy. Time and again, I have discovered and rediscovered that only when you empathise with clients, their users and your team members can you produce meaningful work.

Dealing with Panic Attacks

Interaction Design, User Experience, Wearable Technologies, 3D Modelling

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