Ahmed Abid

UX / UI Design


I am an Interaction Designer based in Sydney, Australia. My passion for design is much more than sitting in front of a computer and making ugly things look beautiful. Addicted to user centered designs, for the past 5 years, I have contributed to devices and experiences that improve and change how people interact digitally. I believe that even though the devices change, the experiences always have to be intuitive, enjoyable and transparent for the user.

In this fast-paced era, the technology is ever evolving. From the growing trends of wearable technology to the widespread adoption of ubiquitous computing, our mediums and methods of digital interaction are constantly changing. Therefore, in order to fulfill this need, I pursued master’s degree in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts and have achieved “High Distinction” in fields of Design Thinking, Design Programming and Interface Design.

I am a keen advocate of simplicity and detail, and ensure that every solution that I have proposed is backed by exhaustive research. Responsive to feedback and project dynamics, and a key contributor in team collaborations are some of my interpersonal skills that I am proud of.

Finders Keepers

User Experience, Visual Design, Web Design

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Interaction Design, Processing, User Experience, Visual Design, Animation

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Waste Classifying Game in VR

Interaction Design, User Experience, Visual Design, Wearable Technologies, 3D Modelling, Virtual Reality

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