Ahmad Mollahassani

Wearables and Smartphone Apps

I hold Bachelor of Electrical/Communication Engineering degree and I have been in this industry for more than 15 years. My main expertise is to design Micro-controller based circuits as well as developing their required embedded firmware. I chose MIDEA in order to be able to follow new fast growing technologies in terms of designing wearable devices that can connect to smartphone applications based on human- centred design methodologies. Now, I am able to design a wearable hardware, Android application, User Interface that all can be connected together wirelessly. I have planned to learn ios applications development (Apple products) in next coming years while I am doing my PhD hopefully. I have participated in some design competitions for disabled people such as ""Remarkable"".


Interaction Design, User Experience, Wearable Technologies, Smartphone Application Design

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FIN (The Final Countdown)

Interaction Design, User Experience, Wearable Technologies

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